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The purpose of this statement is to pledge a Brave Space for Survivors, one where we do not allow people's vulnerability onstage to be traded for their safety. While we can never promise our spaces will be free of all abuse, RichOak Events adopts the following pledges to create a space where the community will be safer. Our hope is that with these pledges, people can enter our spaces trusting that our community will support victims and survivors of violence as best as we can.


RichOak Events pledges to take these next action steps to reduce harassment in our spaces.  


  1. The following behaviors will not be permitted online or in person, inside or outside our spaces with anybody who attends or participates in our events, be that an organizer, performer, or audience member. The list is by no means an extensive list of bannable behavior, whether subtle or overt. We reserve the right to kick anyone out of our space, included but not limited to, the following reasons:

    1. Sexual Harassment/Coercion 

    2. Grooming

    3. Pedophilia

    4. Verbal/Mental Abuse

    5. Physical Abuse/Assault 

    6. Cyber Stalking/Stalking

  2. We pledge to not allow known perpetrators of these acts into our space— online and in person

    1. For the sake of our community, we will reference community anecdotes and whatever the survivor chooses to disclose with us.

    2. Our plan of intervention includes working with the survivor. Most plans of actions include informing the perpetrator of their ban from our show, and informing neighboring and sister shows, without disclosing extensive details of the events in question. 

  3. We pledge to cut all ties with any known perpetrators, be they an organizer of the space or participant.

    1. While we believe in restorative justice, we recognize that this means we need to restore the safety of the community, and NOT the reputation of the perpetrator.  

    2. We believe the most pragmatic steps are those where the survivor feels safe and can begin their own healing process without the looming threat of their abuser being present in the same space they are in.

    3. We recognize that restoring the perpetrator to the space provides them opportunities to continue perpetuating abuse, and take this very seriously when considering whether or not to restore said individual.

    4. It is up to the survivor whether or not they wish to engage in restorative justice, and we will ALWAYS support their decision.

  4. We pledge to ensure our organizers have an understanding of the effects of gender-based violence, sexual violence, and harassment.

    1. We will have a designated subcommittee to address this and will offer training for committee members on sexual and domestic violence.

    2. We will commit to searching for funding to expand both our organization’s and the community's understanding.

  5. We pledge to use our platform to promote survivors in need, be it through: 

    1. Promoting mutual aid funds that support survivors.

    2. Fundraising on a case by case basis for organizations that support survivors and work to prevent sexual violence in our communities.

    3. Working with our local resource centers, sister shows and community to compile a list of resources for survivors.

    4. Keeping a record of perpetrators who are not welcome in our space.

  6. We pledge to update and recommit this letter periodically.


We plan to revisit this letter, to be in conversation with our community, to listen to the survivors in our spaces. Our commitment is to always move forward in a way that not only keeps us accountable to our community, but also to ourselves. This would mean creating a process that evaluates our goals, mission, and the safety of our community. We acknowledge that this process will not be easy to do. We acknowledge that this is something that requires vigilance and honesty. Our commitment to revisiting this letter every year is our commitment to actively learn and grow in our support for survivors.

Sexual Misconduct Statement

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