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Misconduct FAQS

  1. Can I get kicked out for ______ behavior?


We do have a list of behaviors that are not allowed in our space. We also understand that it is impossible to list every type of harmful behavior. We will work with the survivor and decide as an organization what is and isn’t appropriate. General rule of thumb: if you are afraid you are going to get kicked out for ‘x’ behavior, don’t do it or talk to us first.


2. How are we kicking out abusers? How long does a ban from your space last?


All of our bans are indefinite. Restorative justice practices are available, but only if the survivor is interested. Certain bans may be rescinded but with the safety of the community in mind FIRST. 


Once an abuser is banned from one of our spaces, they will be banned from all of them. People who are enabling perpetrators are not welcome in any of our spaces or events either. All of our collaborators and sponsors will have access to this information as well, and will have the freedom to act on that information in whatever way they see fit.


3. Where can I find resources and spaces to support survivor(s)? 


On top of our commitment to reassessing this letter every year, we are providing this kit of online resources for survivors, organizers and our community, should the need arise. The kit is full of links to resources, such as counseling, workshops, medical and legal aid. Our list of resources is not exhaustive, and if there are any resources you feel we are missing or know of, please, please, please, PLEASE send them our way. 

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